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9 Tenders, 2 Sides


Sides (Select 2):Fries Carrots & Celery Side Salad Sweet Potato Fries Tater Tots Sriracha Cole Slaw Mac N Cheese Street Noodles Sweet Cream Corn Duck Fat Fries
Side Salad Dressings (Optional):Lemon Thyme Vinaigrette Ranch Blue Cheese Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette Creamy Cilantro Lime
Dip Sauces (Select up to 3):White BBQ Blue Cheese Gold Rush Carolina BBQ Ranch Comeback Sauce House Gravy Marshmallow Sauce Spicy Maple No Sauce
Extra Dip Sauces (Optional):White BBQ +$0.69Blue Cheese +$0.69Gold Rush +$0.69Carolina BBQ +$0.69Ranch +$0.69Comeback Sauce +$0.69House Gravy +$0.69Marshmallow Sauce +$0.69Spicy Maple +$0.69