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20 Wings, 2 Sides


All Drum- Upcharge per 10 Pieces - 20 (Optional):10 Piece All Drum +$220 Piece All Drum +$4
Wing Sauces (Select up to 2):Samurai Jack (Teriyaki) Tabasco Honey Mango Habanero Hot (Traditional) Honey BBQ Garlic Parmesan Slap Yo Momma (Hot Ghost Pepper) No Sauce Easy Tiger (Orange Chicken) Lemon Pepper (dry rub) Sasquach (Hot and BBQ)
Extra Wing Sauces (Optional):Garlic Parmesan +$0.79Sasquach BBQ (Hot and BBQ) +$0.79Tabasco Honey +$0.79Hot (Traditional) +$0.79Mango Habanero +$0.79Midnight Cowboy (Hot Ghost Pepper ) +$0.79Easy Tiger (Orange Chicken) +$0.79Samurai Jack (Teriyaki) +$0.79Lemon Pepper +$0.79Chill Bill (Sweet Mild Jalapeno) +$0.79Piri Piri () +$0.79Jalapeno Ranch (Dry Rub) +$0.79Slap Yo Momma +$0.79Honey BBQ +$0.79
Sides (Select 2):Carrots & Celery Fries Side salad ( with Ranch) Sweet Potato Fries
Extra Dip Sauces (Optional):Comeback Sauce (Thousand Island) +$0.79Marshmallow Sauce (Sweet) +$0.79Gold Rush (Honey Mustard) +$0.79Ole Smokey (Mayo, Smoke and Sriracha) +$0.79Queso +$0.79Ranch +$0.79Blue Cheese +$0.79

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